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Is He Ignorant or Just Plain Evil?

Are you familiar with Godwin's Law ? Back in the early 90s, American lawyer and author Mike Godwin developed a law of civil discourse. Basically, Godwin observed that the longer an argument raged on, the more likely it would be that at least one party would compare the opposing party to the Nazis and/or Hitler. How much more true are his findings thirty years later! There's something interesting that happens when we disagree with someone. When we think someone is wrong and we are right, then they must be 1) ignorant , because anyone who truly knew the all the facts would come to the same conclusion as us, or  2) blatantly evil , because if they know the facts and still disagree with us they must have some inherently corrupt worldview or agenda. We have come to believe that no reasonable person would be X . We are reasonable people, so we believe X . That person doesn't believe X ; therefore, they must not be a reasonable person - either ignorant of the facts or unre