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Response: "The Problem with Those 9 Personality Types"

I love the Complexly production company and the work they do producing free, informative, entertaining content with the purpose of educating the general public on a broad range of issues. They produce the YouTube channels " SciShow " and the spin offs " SciShow Space " and " SciShow Psych ." I'm a subscriber and regular viewer of these channels. I really dig what they're trying to do. On February 21, though, they released a video challenging the claims of the Enneagram. You know I can't just let that one slide. Haha I watched it yesterday, and I actually agree with most of what's said. However, I don't think they quite understand what the Enneagram system does and what it's really about. Here's the video. Watch it, and then I'll give some comments on it below. First of all, the scenario she opened with is not what the Enneagram is about. You should NEVER  use someone's Type to shame them or call them out on some