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Jonah: Sorry, Not Sorry

Have you ever heard of the non-apology? Here's the definition from Google. Non-Apology : A statement that takes the form of an apology but does not constitute an acknowledgement of responsibility or regret for what has caused offense or upset. We see the ALL. THE. TIME. in politics and the like. Some politicians are absolute masters at the non-apology. Common examples of the non-apology are statements like  "I deeply regret...", "Mistakes were made...", "I'm sorry you feel that way...", or even the prevalent "I'm sorry, but..." These all take on the form of an apology without, as per the definition, acknowledging responsibility or remorse for one's own actions. This article from Cracked explains some of the most common forms of the non-apology and reveals why we fall for them so often. We want to give people the benefit of the doubt. We want to believe that people are sincere and that they are willing to acknowledge faul