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Holy Land Saga pt. 1

Day 1: Sun 11/16/08 Caesarea Maritime: The first stop on our journey through the Holy Land was Caesarea Maritime, the famous port city established by King Herod the Great, as well as the location of Paul’s trial before being sent to Rome (Acts 25). We learned a lot about Herod the Great. As far as his kingship goes, he was a very successful leader. He remodeled the Temple , he built great palaces and fortresses (e.g. Massada), and he also constructed the first and largest man-made port in ancient Rome in the city of Caesarea . Politically, he had a very successful run. Morally, however, he was a vicious man. After marrying his wife and bearing two sons with her, he decided that anyone in the bloodline of the previous royal family had to die because they were seen as threats to his throne. Thus, he had his wife and sons murdered. When Caesar Augustus heard this news, he is recorded as saying, “It is better to be one of Herod’s pigs than one of

Israel...go ahead and be jealous

I don't have time right now to update much about Israel, and I can't guarantee that I'll get very far this week with finals and everything coming up. Just so you know what's coming, here's a list of all the places/sites we visited on our trip through the Holy Land: Caesarea Maritime Nazareth/Church of the Immaculate Conception Bethsaida Sea of Galilee boat ride "Jesus Boat" Museum Capernaum Mt. Tiberias Mount of the Beatitudes Dan Nature Reserve Tel-Dan Banyas Falls in the Golan Heights Caesarea Philippi Fortress of Nimrod Baptistery at the Jordan Mt. Horeb/Springs of Harod (Gideon in Judges 7) Valley of Jezreel Qum'Ran Ein Gedi Dead Sea Mt. Sodom Masada Bedouin camp Be'er Sheva Ha Ella Valley (David and Goliath) Bet Guvrin Bet Shemesh Bethlehem/Church of the Nativity Jerusalem Mt. of Olives Garden of Gethsemane St. Anne's Cathedral Pools of Bethesda Church of the Flagellation Church of the Condemnation Via Dolorosa Church of the Holy Sepulchre