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Fatal Spelling Errors: Some Thoughts on Gun Violence

Any time there is a shooting of an innocent person or people in this county, we always hear the same talking points. There are those who claim guns are the problem and want to use the emotional momentum to spur on the debate over gun control policies. Then there are those who want to shut down all the discussion and accuse the other side of "politicizing" the tragedy. After all, "guns don't kill people." It's not a gun problem, it's a heart problem. ( Says the only country in the industrialized world with this level of gun violence. ) One common "argument" I hear, read, and mostly see in memes goes something like this: If guns kill people, then this pencil misspelled the word and this spoon made me fat. I get it. We want the human responsibility to take front and center. A gun, after all, is just a tool. Well, a weapon actually. Its only function is to harm, maim, or kill. If it's a tool, then it is a tool made for violence and de