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High Five Thursday!

A bit of a twist this week. This is a shout out to all you English teachers out there, including my own parents, who helped turn me into a grammar-Nazi.

Top 5 Grammatical Pet Peeves:

Less and Fewer

It pains me every time I go to the express checkout line to see the phrase "10 Items or Less." Everyone knows it should be "10 Items or Fewer," right? It's simple, really. Less is used with singular nouns; fewer is used with plural nouns.

"John has less money than I do."
"John has fewer quarters than I do."

"There is less of a crowd than I expected."
"There are fewer people than I expected."

It's not that hard, people. Maybe someone should write a letter informing these department stores of their grammatical mishaps...

I and Me

It baffles me. I know English teachers spent months of class time on this one concept alone. Yet I still see rampant misuse of the first person pronouns from Facebook posts to polit…