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My Life in Boxes

Well, we survived the move. Mostly. We're making good headway at getting settled into our new house and getting familiar with a new city. Moving is always one of those strange times in life. There's the sadness of leaving a familiar place yet the excitement of discovering someplace new. It's leaving one part of your life behind and beginning the next part. It's an end and a beginning all in one. And then there are the boxes. My entire life - my clothes, my cookware, my books & dvds, my photographs & memories - all boxed up and loaded into a 22 foot truck. It's inevitable. Try as I might to pack boxes of similar items from the same room in order to make unpacking that much easier, by the end we were just throwing all sorts of randomness into the next freshly taped box. Kitchen, bath, living room, and master bedroom paraphernalia all sharing a moving box together which gets marked "garage." We all have boxes in our lives. Psychologists ca