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"Christian Politics"

OK, one more side-tracked post before I get back to the Egypt trip and Pyramids. It saddens me, really, to hear people continue to hold on to the "Christian Nation" notion whenever they discuss politics. While I agree that one of the motivating factors in the drafting of the Constitution was religious freedom, so was freedom of speech, freedom of the press, freedom from tyranny, freedom from "taxation without representation". To think that America's Founding Fathers rebelled against the King of England (one type of "Christian Nation" if you recall) to form (another type of) Christian nation, then history is being rewritten. Many people focus on the roll of religion in the lives of our nation's first leaders, yet they did not set out to form a "Christian Nation". Otherwise, this would be a theocracy, not a democracy. As it is, we do live under a democracy, meaning government by the people. Who are the people? They are Christians, Muslims