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AM I OK? // Loss and Grief

So, how is everybody doing? Let's practice those self-check questions: Have you been sleeping well? How has your diet been? Have you been active and having any fun lately? Have you connected some way with people who love you? Have you spent time connecting with God lately? Think about what we've been saying. You cannot love others fully unless you are also loving and taking care of yourself. Right now we have an opportunity to practice self-care for the sake of others. Staying home and keeping your distance from other people is one of the most loving things you can do right now. But let's be honest. It's really hard. This has been a really difficult week for most of us. In our series on mental health, I was going to spend this week discussing the stress and anxiety of life caused by busyness, demands, and pressures of life. But now all that is gone. We went from 60 to Zero in no time flat. We're all suffering from a kind of social whiplash. Wha

AM I OK? // Anxiety Disorders

This week we discussed stress, anxiety, threat responses, panic attacks, and anxiety disorders. Feel free to share this with anyone who might find it helpful. If you are experiencing any of these symptoms, do not self-diagnose but talk to your doctor and get help. There is hope. There is healing. Your "now" is not your "forever."

AM I OK? // Introduction

This week we began a new Wednesday night series for our teenagers, grade 6-12, about mental health. There are some who cannot join us every week, and there are parents who need to be included in the discussion. So I will be recording these lessons and uploading them here so you can listen and follow along with the Keynote slides if you wish. You can also subscribe to our classes and sermons on Apple Podcasts by clicking here Or you can download our church app to listen to recordings on iOS or Android devices Or you can visit

Are You a Monkey, an Elephant, or a Crab?

Freedom. It's what we Americans sing about. It's what we brag about. It's what we thank God for. It's what we honor our troops for fighting for. But long before there was a United States of America, there was a longing for freedom. There is something innate within us as humans that longs to be free. Free from constraints and responsibilities and consequences. Free to make our own choices and mistakes. Free to say what we want, think what we want, act how we want, and get what we want. We long to be free. So what about this freedom we have in Christ? One of the last things people think of when it comes to religion is freedom. Sure, we have the freedom to practice our religion without fear of state persecution. But when we follow a religion we are willingly assuming more constraints on our lives and are therefore less free. Right? Jesus came to preach freedom as part of the Kingdom of Heaven.       He stood up to read, and the scroll of the prophet Isaiah was ha