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Road trips can be a lot of fun. You've got the music blaring, and you're singing along at the top of your lungs. You've got your friends or family to talk to. You've got snacks. (Anyone else have snacks they only ever eat on road trips, or is it just me?) One thing that definitely makes trips easier today is GPS. Whether you're using a designation GPS, like TomTom or Garmin, or if you're using the Google Maps app on your phone, it's a whole lot easier than relying on an old road atlas to guide you through a city or across the state.


This summer in Wednesday night class we are seeing how a journey or road trip can be seen as a metaphor for our faith. Here's a recap of what we talked about this past week (7/11/18). __________________________ Whenever you take a road trip with kids, there are certain questions that are almost guaranteed to be asked - repeatedly - from the back seat. Do any of these sound familiar? Where are we going? Are we there yet? How much longer? I remember the "dad-joke" responses my parents always gave to those questions. Where are we going?  "That way." Thanks... These questions are inevitable because most kids are curious. It's not that they don't trust their parents, it's that they want to be "in the know." And isn't that the way it is with us when it comes to our faith? It's not that we don't trust God, we just want to be in the loop. We want to feel included. There is comfort in knowing certain things, and it makes s


A few weeks ago we had the chance to go to Harding University in Searcy, AR, for a week of camp called UPLIFT. This is a trip we've taken every summer I've been here. And each year I am blessed. A huge thanks to the Uplift directors, staff, and counselors for making a lasting impact on our teenagers. This year the theme was LEAVE YOUR MARK. Please take a few minutes and check out the highlight videos below. If you weren't able to go this year, I pray that you'll be able to make the trip next year for Uplift 2019! Here's our own little video: Here's the official Uplift Session 3 Video:


This is a recap of the Encounter Class I taught at UPLIFT this year. Find out more about UPLIFT by going to ______________________________ I don't have tattoos or piercings. That actually makes me a little different from most of the young adults I know. It's not that I'm against tattoos or piercings - I'm against needles. I can get shots and give blood, but I can't watch them or look at the needle. If I even think about it too much, I can get light headed. So the thought of getting a tattoo or piercing kinda freaks me out. But if other people want to do that to their bodies, more power to them. Some people take their piercings very seriously. But I want to look at how piercing is connected to another topic: SERVANTHOOD.