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As we dive into the big five worldview questions, we quickly realize that something has gone awry. If God is an all loving, all powerful God who created and sustains the entire universe, AND if humans are made in the image of God, created to be beloved, precious children of the Father, THEN...why is this world so messed up? Who is God? Who am I? What's the problem? Again, these are all questions that every single person on the planet must wrestle with. Every generation must find their own answers to these questions. Every religion and philosophy is an attempt to find answers to these questions. And the problem of pain and suffering is as old as human civilization itself. So we spent 45 minutes on a Wednesday night in a church basement discussing these very matters. Check out the audio recording, the class notes, and the videos. What do you think the problem is? ______________________________________   Click here for Matthew 25:31-46 Cli


This week we took some time to discuss the question "WHO AM I?" We spent some time discussing questions like "What is the purpose of humanity?" and "Are people naturally born good or bad?" You know - simple things like that. The point was not to find definitive answers to these questions but rather to get the teens thinking  about the questions themselves. Ultimately, my job is not to give them answers to life's big questions. My job is to equip them to answer these questions for themselves. I'm not trying to tell them what to think. I'm trying to help them learn how to think - or even just getting them  to  think. So as always, feel free to listen to the class recording by clicking the link below. Follow along with the presentation notes. And take some time to watch the supplemental videos that I think are helpful to the discussion. __________________________________ For you are all children of God thr


This week in class we wrestled with questions about the nature of God. One of the most important questions every single person must answer for themselves is "What do I think about God?" In many ways this is the fundamental question of life, for from this one question and our answer to it springs all the other answers to all the other questions. It's like old time sailors crossing the ocean with a compass. If their compass was off by just a few degrees, they could miss their port by hundreds of miles. If we are off just a bit in our understanding of who God is, we could end up on a path in life that takes us hundreds of miles from our intended destination. So let's take seriously the task of seeking to know God as revealed in creation, in the Bible, in Jesus, and in the church. Below you will find the audio recording from our class (discussion portions have been edited down). Then feel free to follow along with the presentation notes and several supplemental video