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VOICES, pt. 2: Podcasts

Anyone who knows me well knows I listen to a lot of podcasts. As dorky as it may seem, I look forward to the weekly updates. I get to hear men and women who are a lot smarter than I discuss and teach on topics of great interest to me. About half the podcasts I listen to are straight up sermons/Bible classes from pastors and preachers I respect and look up to. The other half are podcasts about  faith, Christianity, etc. There's one I listen to simply for fun, but it's also dubiously educational. Here's a rundown of my weekly podcast subscriptions. _________________________ INFORMATIVE Ask Science Mike - a weekly Q & A podcast about science, faith, and life. Listeners submit questions, and Mike McHargue (AKA "Science Mike") does his best to give thorough, thoughtful, scientifically sound answers. Science Mike also has a book out that I highly recommend: Finding God In The Waves , but I'll come back to that one in a later post. The Liturgists -

VOICES, pt. 1: You Are Who You Listen To

Do you hear voices? What a ridiculous question. Of course you do. So do I. We all do. The better question is, what voices are you hearing? I am becoming more and more convinced that we embody the voices we hear. This could be a parent telling you how proud they are of you - or how disappointed they are in you. This could be a classmate complimenting your outfit - or sarcastically degrading you in front of everyone. The voices include movies, books, TV shows, bands and music artists, teachers, preachers, news anchors, sportscasters, celebrities - the list goes on. And now more than ever, we are able to curate for ourselves our own little world of voices. We "subscribe" to podcasts, newsletters, and YouTube channels. We "follow" friends and celebrities on Instagram, Twitter, and Snapchat. If you don't like something or someone, we block them. We create for ourselves an echo chamber where everything we already want to believe is simply echoed back to us m