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Jonah: The Storm

Here's my sermon from last Sunday night. It's basically a recap of my last couple of blog posts. Check out more sermons on the Sermons tab above.

Jonah: One Hell of a Storm

The Mediterranean Sea is beautiful. I have seen it from the shores of Greece, Alexandria, and Israel - the waters are clear, the breezes are cool, and the view is breathtaking. Life as we know it began around the Mediterranean. The Sea brought life and luxuries. Trade and travel could take place between nations and continents because of the Sea. Countless myths and legends revolve around the Mediterranean. The Western world has come to almost romanticize that particular body of water. The Mediterranean Sea off the coast of Alexandria, Egypt But there was nothing captivating or romantic about the Sea for the Jews. From the earliest days, the Israelites had an aversion to large bodies of water. "The Sea" represented evil, chaos, danger, wildness. The sea could not be tamed. The sea was where demons lived. The sea was no place for a good Jewish boy to be. That's why many of the stories in the gospels are quite shocking as they take place on/in/around the Sea of

Jonah: Going Down

Life is full of ups and downs. That sounds so cliche, doesn't it? But  things become cliche for a reason. There is some definite truth behind that saying. One minute things are going well, the next everything seems to be falling apart. Or sometimes it's the other way around. It feels like you can't catch a break and then suddenly everything just seems to fall into place. Many times the ups and downs, the thrills and disappointments, the victories and defeats are truly no fault of our own. The company is downsizing. The stock market is wavering. A natural disaster swept through and caused major damage. Those times are sad and tragic. We can easily empathize with someone going through such a rough patch in life. I don't think anyone  deserves  to have their house leveled by a tornado or their child killed by a drunk driver. But what happens when someone sinks to the depths of despair by their  own  volition? What if it's clear that a person is suff

Jonah: It's Not about a Fish [Sermon]

Here is a sermon form of my previous blog post and Sunday morning class that I am teaching.