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Hot Topic: Keeping Faith in God

In our teen class we have a discussion question box. This fall we are taking the topics and questions submitted by the students and using them as our class discussion on Sunday mornings. One of the cards (and the one we began the series with) simply said, "Keeping faith in God." As a parent and a youth minister, it scares me a little that teenagers don't know how  to stay faithful. I read article after article and look at research upon research concerning teenagers and faith. Most of it is negative. Depending on what statistics you listen to, between 40% and 70% of teenagers will leave their faith after graduating. Dropping out of church while in college it the new normal. The fact that one of my students submitted this discussion topic tells me two things: 1) We have not done a good job of equipping our students to be lifelong disciples of Jesus, and 2) our teenagers want  to know how! So what does it take to keep faith in God? WHAT WOULD IT TAKE... I think

The Marks of Wisdom

Who is the wisest person you know? We're not used to that question, are we. We could probably have an easier time answering questions like, Who's the smartest person you know?  Or Who's the most spiritual person you know?  I think true wisdom, especially as defined by God, is lacking in today's world (to say the least). Think about it. Where do you go to learn wisdom? There aren't many wise people on reality shows. Textbooks can't teach wisdom. Schools focus so much on standardized testing that character development (a springboard for wisdom) gets shoved out of the way. Besides, there is no standardized test (and thus no extra funding) for the gaining of wisdom in schools. Since true wisdom is so difficult to find these days (and all throughout human history if we're honest), a wise person can slip right past us without our ever knowing. We don't know what to look for when seeking wisdom. And if we can't see it in others, then how would we ever