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Still Growing

...or Why I Don't Buy Into Evolution

I'm willing to give a little wiggle room to the theory of evolution. It has its benefits. It is one way of helping us understand the world around us. And on the purely animalistic side of it, survival of the fittest seems to be the natural order of things. The slowest, sickest zebra gets eaten by the lion. That lotion kills 99.9% of bacteria, leaving the strongest 0.1% to survive and grow into incurable super bugs. I get it.

But I don't see that happening in realm of human beings. And I don't think it should be survival of the fittest. When that starts manifesting itself in society, weak babies are left to die in the elements and millions of people are slaughtered because they have the "wrong" genetic makeup.

So how could "survival of the fittest" have led us to evolve to the point of declaring that very idea morally wrong for humanity?

Also, if humans were still attempting to climb the evolutionary ladder, should…