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Daddy's Little Helper

Aiden is a really good helper. It makes him so proud to be able to help daddy do things - moving furniture, putting away dishes, digging in the garden, pushing the wheel barrow, and on and on. You should see the look on his face when I ask him to help me with something.

The other day that got me thinking about the way God works in the world. When Aiden is "helping me" move the coffee table so that we can vacuum around it, there's no doubt that he is pushing with all the strength in his little toddler body. But is that enough? No. Not yet. So even when he "helps" me, it's still daddy doing all the real work.

So why have him help? Because it teaches him how to do things. It gives him confidence. It helps him develop independence. There will come a day when I expect him to be able to do things all by himself.

People often question God about why he lets poverty, disease, death, and heartache run rampant throughout the world. I think it's because God wants …