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Are You a Belief-Driven Consumer?

Let me just start by saying I love me some Chick-Fil-A. Their food is better than any other fast food chain in my opinion, and their employees are most often pleasant and helpful. Good food - good service - so they get my money. The fact that they are a Christian owned and operated company honestly has little to nothing to do with it. I applaud their values as a company and will stand behind them, but all this ado is about nothing in my opinion. You see, as a Christian I have no issue purchasing products or services from companies that are not "Christian." Just because a company issues a statement supporting the rights of homosexuals doesn't mean I will pull all my support from them as a company. I don't play that game. I don't draw those lines. Because as soon as you start drawing a line, where do you stop? For instance, if you don't want to support Disney because of their support of gay rights, then you can't watch ESPN. You can't eat McDonald&

Don't Hit the Cat with the Spatula!

Seriously. Becoming a parent has had a bigger impact on my faith than any other event or situation in my life. Not only do I find myself praying more ("God, please let Aiden go back to sleep!"), but I'm understanding God's relationship with mankind in whole new ways. It's funny. I find myself stringing words together in sentences that I never thought I would ever say. I never thought I would have to tell anyone not to hit a cat with a spatula. I never thought I would have to tell anyone not to feed his pancake to the dog. Leave it to Aiden to find whole new lists of do's and don'ts! Now he's not even two. But if I had to keep telling him not to throw his drink down the stairs when he gets to be 13, then something would be seriously wrong. And I think it's the same way with God when he gave us the Law. He told them all the things they needed to know - and I mean everything. Don't have sex with animals. Don't touch a dead body. Take a d

The Not Top 10

I love watching ESPN SportsCenter on Fridays. Why? The Not-Top-10, that's why. If you don't know what I'm talking about, it's where the folks at ESPN gather all the worst plays, the errors, and the epic fails from the past week of sports and highlight those. Now I really like watching those bloopers and mishaps for a couple reasons. First, some of them are just downright hilarious. Second, it reminds us that these professional athletes are still humans. They make mistakes. They don't always catch the ball. The don't always run the right plays. They don't always have it all together. When I'm reading through the Gospel of Mark, I feel like I'm watching a Not-Top-10 reel. The apostles are constantly made to look like idiots, and things don't always go as you would expect. In fact, here are three of the biggest reasons I believe in the historicity of the gospels, at least from a literary standpoint: 1.  The embarrassing stories about the apo

Free at Last!

On my jog this morning I was listening to a podcast from the Eastside Church of Christ in Colorado Springs. The sermon was about the scene in Acts 16 where Paul and Silas are thrown into prison on false charges while in Philippi. While in prison they were singing songs and praising God. Suddenly there was a big earthquake - the doors swung open and the chains fell free. Paul, Silas, and all the other prisoners were free! God had loosed the chains of injustice. He had set the captive free. He had brought redemption to His people. Only, this isn't your typical Exodus story. Paul and Silas don't make a miraculous escape. None of the other prisoners makes a run for it. You see, even though God had broken their chains, they were not the ones who needed to be set free. Because there was a jailer there, too, that night. In fact after the earthquake he was about to take his own life. According to the Roman code of honor, it was better to take one's own life than to face exe