Psalm 63

O God, how awesome it is to call you
My God!
Though I have you, I want more
Though you are mine already, I will pursue you
Even to the ends of the earth
My soul is parched
My body aches
As I wander through this spiritual wasteland
And only you can satisfy
I have a disease and the only cure is not more cowbell
It's more you.

I have witnessed your presence in my worship
I have seen your power and glory at work around me
And I long to see it again
Nothing but praise will pour from my lips
Because your amazing, unfailing, all-consuming love
Is better than life itself!
You've got me for life
To you alone will I give praise
To you alone will I lift my hands
Because you are all I need
You satisfy my soul more than a Thanksgiving turkey or a Christmas ham
I will sing to you at the top of my lungs
And I don't care who hears

I lay awake at night and can't shut my brain off
Because you are all I think about
You alone are my helper, my guide, and my protector
Even under the shadow of your wings I will keep on singing
My soul clings to you like a child to his mother
On the first day of kindergarten
And I feel safe with you like a child in his father's arms
In a room full of strangers

There are those who want to see me fail
Those who have set themselves against me
Just because of what I believe
But I know their end already
We'll see who has the last laugh

As for me, I will praise God regardless
Everyone who claims the name of God will shout Hallelujah!
But skeptics and liars will be silenced


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