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Male and Female: Eve vs. Artemis

The discussion so far: 1) In the Beginning
2) A Suitable Helper 3) Partners in Sin 4) Women in the Old Testament, part 1
5) Women in the Old Testament, part 2 6) Creation 2.0 7) Rockstar Women of the Early Church 8) Was Paul Sexist? 9) 99 Problems, the church in Corinth .......
I think after nine parts to this series a little recap is in order. I’ll try to make it quick. If you’re one of those “SKIP RECAP” people on Netflix, feel free to scroll down a bit. But if you haven't read parts 1, 2, and 3 yet - do that now before continuing. Those posts will be referenced quite a bit.
In the beginning God created male and female in his image as equals. They were partners in bearing his image to the rest of creation. The relationship between man and woman was to reflect the divine, loving community within God’s own being. In Genesis 2, it was not good for the man to be alone, so woman was created as the man’s “helper,” a word which was nearly exclusively used for God himself. In other words, man w…

New Blog Site

Hey everyone, Just wanted to let you know that I am picking up my blog at wordpress. There are various reasons for it, but you can still find me at:

Post-Modern advertising at its finest (or worst)

Have you seen this Gap commercial? Globalization, acceptance, diversity are all good things, but I think this is pushing it..."Happy Do-Whatever-You-Wan-ukah!" Really?


Wow, so it's been almost two months. Crazy how its already November. 2009 is almost over and I will soon be entering my last semester of college. Anyway, my excuse for not having updated in nearly two months fall into the realm of club stuff and research papers. I'm finishing up my 2nd term paper of the semester tonight, but I am taking a little mental break to write freely (i.e., not having to cite any sources for what comes out of my head). Both of my research papers have been on the topic of worship. The first was based on Jeremiah 7:1-15, better known as Jeremiah's Temple sermon. The second, which I am still working on (oh man, I just used a preposition incorrectly. Take that!) is an attempt to establish the principles of biblical worship. I thought that they were pretty good principles for Christian worship, so I would like to share them briefly. 1) Biblical worship is concerned first and foremost with the acknowledgment and glorification of God. That part did not …