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Male and Female: Whose Church Is It, Anyway?

The discussion so far: 1) In the Beginning
2) A Suitable Helper 3) Partners in Sin 4) Women in the Old Testament, part 1
5) Women in the Old Testament, part 2 6) Creation 2.0 7) Rockstar Women of the Early Church 8) Was Paul Sexist? 9) 99 Problems, the church in Corinth 10) Eve vs. Artemis .......
Full disclosure - I am Church of Christ born and bred. I went through the entire program. I was born to faithful, active parents. We were at church every time the doors were open. I went to private Church of Christ schools from 1st grade through college (Jackson Christian School, Columbia Academy, and Harding University). I have worked as a full time youth minster and worship leader in two different Churches of Christ over the past 8 1/2 years.

I can totally relate to Paul in Philippians 3 when he is listing off his resume. Oh you want to talk religious cred? How bout them apples? Paul says he was a “Hebrew of Hebrews.” Well, I guess that would make me… CoC of CoC. Paul’s point in saying all that was…

Terrifying Peace

The Master had been surrounded by huge crowds all day. Hours he spent teaching them, trying to explain faith and heaven through stories about seeds. It was getting late, and the Master was exhausted from the crowds. He gave the word and we loaded up the boats and set sail on the Sea toward the other side. As we set sail the sun was setting over the mountains to the West and the whole body of water was transformed into brilliant shades of purples and pinks as the sky dimmed orange and then red. The sun dipped behind the hills, and as the sky grew darker some clouds began to blow in on an east wind. The wind blew harder, and the sea once smooth was now tossing the boats like a child's plaything. Our boats had been blown off course and there was no way to tell which direction we were heading. The waves grew taller, the winds grew fiercer, and the rain began pouring down upon us. We were all frantically rowing, steering, and bailing water out of the boat, for the waves were now breaki…