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This is the Truth

Awesome video. Check it out. Chills.

It's a God Thing

As I get older I have stopped believing in "coincidences." I truly believe that everything happens not just "for a reason" but because God knows we need them to happen. I am persuaded that the Spirit of God is alive and active in the lives of those who allow Him to be. This is what is promised to us by Jesus, Peter, and Paul...and I'll take their word on it. For instance, when I was signing up for interview spots last semester for the churches coming to interview prospective interns, I took a shot in the dark with Central church of Christ in Athens, Alabama. I knew I had family in Athens, but I had no idea which congregation they were a part of. Turns out they are indeed members of Central. Then we needed to find out about some sort of counseling internship for Katelyn. Most psychology students have to work extremely hard to find a summer internship and then they end up filing papers or doing other grunt work. As it turns out, Katelyn got a job working with on

What really matters

Last Sunday a verse in Galatians really popped out to me. "...what really matters is faith working through love." Galatians 5:6b (HCS) The preacher brought this up in his sermon and then we talked about it more on Sunday night. It really got me thinking... What would church look like if we took this seriously? So many things we place such high importance upon don't fit. Not that certain practices and traditions aren't valuable. But when you really think about it, how many times do we find ourselves arguing, debating, and consuming our time with things that don't involve "faith working through love"? What does instrumental music have to do with faith, love, or action? Women's roles? The manner in which we take the Lord's Supper? Whether we meet in a building or not? What version of the Bible we use? It's up to you to decide whether these are issues worth fighting about. Each one of us must decide what belongs within the model of "fa

Fall of Man - Rise of Mercy

I had always heard growing up that Genesis 3 is about the fall of man. Humanity went against the will of God and thus sin entered the world. That sin separated man from God, thus humanity "fell" away from God. But recently I have noticed that this story is not so much about the sin as it is God's reaction to the sin. Take yourself back to that moment when you first realized that you had done something wrong and got caught. Remember those feelings of dread, shame, embarrassment, guilt. Now multiply those feelings many times over and you might begin to understand the emotions that swarmed over Adam and Eve. Their eyes were opened to their nakedness. For the first time in their lives they felt shame about their "private" parts. In an attempt to cover their sin and their shame they tried making loin cloths out of fig leaves and then tried to hide themselves from God's sight. Imagine the hurt that God must have felt. His prized, most beloved creation, His mas