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What happened to April?

It's amazing how quickly an entire month can fly by. I hardly even realized that the entire month of April has gone by without one single blog post. Hopefully I'll do more once finals have calmed down. One of the highlights of April was the trip we took to Dallas with my Living World Religions class. About 90 of us spent a weekend visiting eight different religions: Friday - Hindu Temple, Buddhist Wat (monastery type place), Mosque, and Sikh Temple Saturday - Synagogue, Bahai Center, SGI (another sect of Buddhism) Sunday - Church of Christ (predominately African American) That was an awesome experience and I will definitely share some more thoughts later. There was also Spring Sing/Easter, which was cool as always. I got to visit with the congregation where I will be interning this summer. They have an awesome group of kids, and I can't wait to get to hang out with them and spend the summer sharing my faith. One cool surprise just this week was the random visit of an o