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Male and Female: Whose Church Is It, Anyway?

The discussion so far: 1) In the Beginning
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5) Women in the Old Testament, part 2 6) Creation 2.0 7) Rockstar Women of the Early Church 8) Was Paul Sexist? 9) 99 Problems, the church in Corinth 10) Eve vs. Artemis .......
Full disclosure - I am Church of Christ born and bred. I went through the entire program. I was born to faithful, active parents. We were at church every time the doors were open. I went to private Church of Christ schools from 1st grade through college (Jackson Christian School, Columbia Academy, and Harding University). I have worked as a full time youth minster and worship leader in two different Churches of Christ over the past 8 1/2 years.

I can totally relate to Paul in Philippians 3 when he is listing off his resume. Oh you want to talk religious cred? How bout them apples? Paul says he was a “Hebrew of Hebrews.” Well, I guess that would make me… CoC of CoC. Paul’s point in saying all that was…

Which Jesus do you follow?

I know the title question may sound a little...weird?? But just think about it for a moment. Which Jesus are you following? If you really stop and think - we have different gospel accounts for a reason. The portrait of Jesus painted by each author is unique yet harmonious with the others. Indeed, the word Messiah, the anointed one, for whom the Jews were waiting and longing, was loaded with all sorts of speculations concerning what kind of deliverer he would be. Some Jews were looking for a warrior-king, like King David, who would build the nation of Israel into the great kingdom it once was. Others were looking for a Moses figure who would lead them once again out of the oppressive hand of a tyrannical empire. Still others were looking for Elijah, or simply "The Prophet". But what they got was Jesus, born to Mary and Joseph, the carpenter from Nazareth. But who was this man, Jesus? According to Matthew he was the Messiah, the one of whom the Law and the Prophets spoke seve…