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The Long, Lonely Road to Emmaus

Hopeless doesn’t really start to describe how I felt. Pitiful is getting closer. Embarrassed, ashamed, angry, disheartened. This is how I felt at the sudden realization of my own disillusionment. I really thought He was the one. I had devoted the last couple years of my life to following this Rabbi, this Prophet who claimed to be the Messiah – the One who would certainly deliver us from our oppression. I really thought this was it. Israel would finally break free from the Roman Empire and regain its full glory like the days of King David. Our Savior had finally come, and He had come in my own lifetime! And then in the blink of an eye it was all over. This was how I felt as I, Cleopas, and my friend, who wishes to remain unnamed, were walking down that lonely, seven-mile road back home to Emmaus. I was terrified of what my family and friends were going to think of me. I had forsaken everything to follow this Jesus of Nazareth, and now I had to go back to th

Cool discovery

Part 2 of the Communion discussion is coming soon. I just wanted to share something neat with you all: The word "pray" with all its forms (prayer, prayed, prayerful, etc.) is found 365 times in the NIV. Get the point? "Pray continually." 1 Thessalonians 5:17

Communion, part 1: Some Thoughts

It's Sunday morning at church. The opening songs have been sung, the prayer has been said, and we have sung another song in order to "prepare our minds for the Lord's Supper." A man gets up to say a few words focusing on Christ's death and resurrection. He prays and thanks God for the bread which represents the body of Christ which was broken for us. Then men in suits quietly pass golden plates bearing the unleavened, unsalted cracker up and down the isles. As I look around, I see people doing interesting things. Many have their eyes closed as in quiet introspection or meditation. Others are looking down to their Bibles in their laps opened to Isaiah 53, Psalm 22, Luke 23, or other passages. Each one is quietly and somberly "observing" the Lord's Supper. As the tray comes to them, bringing them out of their time of deep reflection, they quickly break off a crumb-size piece of cracker and hand it off to the person next to them, with whom they are ha