Learn Everything. Know Nothing.

I love to learn.

My oldest son gets it from me. When he was a toddler, he asked my mother-in-law, his "Nana," to make a "little case q" out of play dough. Most kids would ask for animals or other shapes. Aiden asked for letters. He learned to read at age 3. He already knew all the sight words they would be learning before he ever set foot in his kindergarten classroom.

When I was younger my mom couldn't bring home enough non-fiction books for me to read. Among my favorite shows were Magic School Bus and Bill Nye the Science Guy. I was a star student on our Bible Bowl team at church. When we would visit other churches, I answered questions in Bible class that the regulars didn't know.

One time I was sent out into the hallway at school for correcting my English teacher too much.

Both of my parents have been educators their whole lives, so I guess you could say it's in my DNA.

My interest in the Bible, Christianity, and Religion in general is a HUGE part …

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There comes a point in your life of faith when you begin to wonder... Is this all there is?

My brother-in-law gave my sons a Playstation for Christmas. It's really cool because it comes with the motion controllers. We've been playing the typical sports game with each other quite a bit lately. It's cool, but pretty basic. It has disc golf, table tennis, volleyball, archery, and a few others.

Like with most games, when it is your first time playing it offers you a chance to learn the basic skills of the game. It will give you a walkthrough of the controls and motions needed to perform the basic tasks. But after a few minutes of learning, it's time to move on to the actual game.

Most video games begin at a very simple, easy to follow level with basic tasks to complete before moving onto the next level or challenge. The difficulty increases as you play through the game, as it should. If all you could do was the basic gameplay tutorials, that would be a really crappy game. …

The Fruit of the Spirit Is...Mediocrity?

Have you ever wondered if you're good enough?

I believe all the hands in the room would be up. Deep down I think we all wonder if we really measure up, if we're successful, if we're doing ok.

I love these alien cartoons by Nathan Pyle. I'm sure you've seen them, but this one is great:

Graduation is a time when authority figures publicly acknowledge our sufficiency. "My knowledge suffices!" We don't often get that in life outside of school or sports. Maybe your boss will let you know you're doing a good job. Maybe you'll get that promotion or a pay raise. But when we're out on our own, we don't have the same level of feedback and/or course correction like we get in school.

This is even true in regards to our faith. How do we know if we're on the right track? Are we faithful enough? Are we loving enough? Have we done enough good? Have we committed too many sins? It doesn't really help to have a preacher get up every Sunday and s…